PRAISE FOR The Fighter Pilot’s Wife
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Fighter Pilots, Wives and Civilians Are Saying...

"GILBERTA has written a strong portrayal of the sacrifices and support of the fighter pilot's wife. I'm glad that this story has been told."
—LEO K. THORSENESS, Col. USAF, (Ret.), Medal of Honor, POW of Vietnam War

"GILBERTA GUTH captures the extreme highs and lows of the world of the fighter pilot's wife, a unique perspective of aviation history."
—CHRISTINE WHITCOMB, Capt. USAF, 1972-77, fighter pilot’s wife

"RIVETING! A dedicated and loving wife who stands—not behind, but beside her fighter pilot husband as they live through a life framed by aviation."
—DARREL WHITCOMB, Col. USAF, (Ret.), author of The Rescue of Bat 21

"A MILITARY WIFE imparts her passionate wartime memories of innocence and love. A heartening read!"
—DONNA GERMANO, MFT, author of Tears of Men: What War Does to Men and the Rest of Us



"THIS BEAUTIFUL, well-documented account should be required reading for every fighter pilot family."
—A.G. SCHNEIDER, Lt. Col. USAF, (Ret.), WWII, Korea & Vietnam veteran

"GILBERTA accurately captures the emotions of all fighter pilots’ wives. I strongly encourage any woman who may become a military wife to read this book."
—LOUAN TALLEY, wife of William (Bill) H. Talley, Col. USAF, (Ret.)

"GIL GUTH eloquently describes the difficult lifestyle challenges facing fighter pilots’ wives. These women exert independence, decision, and self-sufficiency, all while living under a cloud of fear that their husbands might never return."
—THOMAS DAVEY, Lt. Col. USAF, (Ret.), Vietnam veteran

"WITH AN ENGROSSING richness of detail, Gilberta Guth provides a revealing look at the life of a military family."
—GAYLE SCHNEIDER, wife of A.G. Schneider, Lt. Col. USAF, (Ret.)


"I ADVISE anyone contemplating a career in aviation to read this book."
—JIM FOSDICK, Lt. Col. USAF, (Ret.), Korea & Vietnam veteran

"LIFE IS FULL OF SURPRISE and change, and Gilberta’s compelling book teaches us how to accept these challenging events."

"THIS IS THE STORY of young wives and husbands embarking on military careers, leading to travels and challenges they could never have imagined, and at the same time sharing, supporting, and being supported by close friends in the difficult times of war and separation. Guth tells it like it was and is today."
—EVELYN S. GARRISON, wife of Larry Garrison, Maj. Gen. USAF, (Ret.)

"THIS BOOK HITS HOME. As a wife of three military pilots (two deceased), I related to Gilberta’s engrossing story."
—MARTHA J. FOSDICK, wife of Jim Fosdick, Lt. Col. USAF, (Ret.)

"GILBERTA GUTH uses her God-given talent to share forty-five years of memories as the wife of fighter pilot Joe Guth. Laugh and cry with Guth through the births of their children, the humor of moving a refrigerator into a French home, and the ever-present danger of piloting fighter planes."
—WILLIAM (BILL) H. TALLEY, Col. USAF, (Ret.), former Vietnam POW

"A TRUE LOVE STORY, filled with intensity and excitement. The amazing collection of letters between the author and her fighter pilot husband describe their emotions and adventures while fighting a war and raising a family. Exceptionally well-written."
—CLARE GARDNER, widow of Larry Gardner, Col. USAF, three war veteran

"GILBERTA GUTH HAS PENNED a magnificent book of enormous power. The Fighter Pilot’s Wife should be required reading for all Americans, especially for those who seek an insider’s view of Air Force life."
—TOM YARBOROUGH, Col. USAF, (Ret.), author of Danang Diary

"GIL’S MEMOIR captures the essence of life for all fighter pilots’ wives—the pride and delights and fears of being married to unusual men who went forth every day, steely-eyed and confident, to soar in a dangerous heaven while we and their children remained firmly grounded on earth and waited anxiously for their return."
—LOUISE I. DUQUETTE, wife of Norman Duquette, Lt. Col. USAF, (Ret.)

"THE STORY of a remarkable husband and wife, deeply in love, sharing military life with all of the good and the bad: the upheavals of moving; the excitement of foreign lands; the military community of support and lifetime friends."
—LARRY GARRISON, Maj. Gen. USAF, (Ret.), Korea and Vietnam

"WITH HER USUAL GRACE, Gil has reached into her heart to share her memories as wife of an Air Force fighter pilot. In close formation with Joe, she successfully overcame the many hurdles of an Air Force career."
—NORMAN E. DUQUETTE, Lt. Col. USAF, (Ret.), WW II, Korea POW, Vietnam

"THE FIGHTER PILOT'S WIFE brought back so many memories of that special time in my life. The innocence, loyalty, fears, and sense of duty were all touched on with great honesty."
—PATRICIA DAVEY, wife of Thomas Davey, Lt. Col. USAF, (Ret.)

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