"GILBERTA GUTH has penned a
magnificent book of enormous power...."
—Tom Yarborough, Col. USAF, (Ret.), author of Danang Diary

THE FIGHTER PILOT'S WIFE chronicles the heroism not only of those in combat but of those wives and families at home as they live under the ever present shadow of potential loss.

It is the story of how I, an innocent girl of twenty-one met, fell in love with, and married a dashing young jet pilot and followed him all over the world as he pursued the career he loved.

Joe Guth

But this is more than a love story. It tells how I learned to cope with seeing young men we knew lose their lives in plane crashes; how the other wives and I comforted the widows and helped them pack up their children and leave the familial embrace of the military; how I strove to protect my own children from the fears of the unspoken—that their father could perish while in service as an Air Force fighter pilot; and how my own life and my view of the world was affected by these experiences. The challenges faced by any military family are unknown in the civilian world, and my goal has been to portray those challenges through the storyline of my own life.

Ultimately, The Fighter Pilot’s Wife provides an intimate portrait of a military marriage set against the backdrop of war.




Readers Write...

"I personally would like to see it [The Fighter Pilot's Wife] in every American's library. She does an excellent job of bringing to life the Air Force culture of the time."—B.H.

"After reading The FIghter Pilot's Wife, I must thank you for sharing your very personal and sensitive story. Your patience and faithfulness and resourcefulness, especially through so many moves with a young family, are a true inspiration. The letters printed in the book are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for opening a window into the deepest of human thoughts during very difficult circumstances."—C.H.

"I enjoyed your Fighter Pilot's Wife very much. Your description of the lives of service families is the same regardless of branch and the extended families that we all shared brought back good memories for me. You wrote a very good book that should be in every military bookshelf. Thank you."—V.H.

"What a great, great read...You successfully captured the esprit of a very special group of people... and done it with a writing style to be envied. A great love story, superbly told. Thanks for writing it."—Phil Handley, author of Throw a Nickel on the Grass

"My sister-in-law heard you speak at her book club and kindly purchased a copy of your book for me, which you graciously signed. This morning as I re-read the remarks you wrote in the front of my book, I was encouraged at this challenging point in my life. Thank you."—S.P.

"You are to be commended for the superb job you did in writing The Fighter Pilot's Wife. Thank you, Gilberta, for sharing your story!" —D.B.

"I have to say as soon as I got your book I could hardly stand it and read it within a few days. I just loved the letters and how you described the emotions you both felt. Thanks for writing this book." —S.W.

"I thoroughly enjoyed your book. It was so interesting to read about your life and your military experiences. Thank you for what you have done for the United States." —K.C.

"I mailed the siblings books…My brother read half of it the first night and the next day gave me the biggest hug and squeeze and said how much he loved the book and couldn't have received a better gift. Then he called and said he had just finished your book and was in tears! That from my stoic brother!!" —B.C.

"I want to acknolwedge the wonderful novel penned by Gilberta Guth that recalls a time in history from a very personal standpoint--letters written and sent to Gilberta from her fighter pilot husband from the 1950's...It's a love story, and tells in detail of heroic exploits along the way of the pilots! ...I highly recommend The Fighter Pilot's Wife, written with such enduring poignancy." —D. G.

"I came to the office to check on a few things...The book was sitting here on the desk, and I picked it up. Bad Move! Now I am hooked. It just jumped to the front of the line over two others my son gave me for Christmas." E.S., former Air Force pilot

"I cried yesterday morning about six o'clock and again last night around eleven. That's because I was reading your book...A picture is enclosed of me in the fourth grade...1956...in Albany Georgia, where you and Joe lived while he was flying out of Turner AFB. Picture this ten-year-old little boy who stopped and looked up and dreamed every time I saw any of the jets from Turner fly over. It's the men like Joe and Howie that make little boys dream of being a fighter pilot someday." —F.A., a former Air Force fighter pilot, now a dentist.

I received The Fighter Pilot's Wife for a Marine Corps birthday treat...it made excellent weekend reading. I cried the whole weekend." —D.O., former Korean War combat Marine officer, recipient of the Purple Heart

"I read the book from cover to cover, immediately...touched and deeply impressed." —S.S., father of a fighter pilot lost in Vietnam and Medal of Honor recipient

"Sacrifice and success reach beyond boundaries when the love of a beautiful bride is put into the mix. I can tell how much love went into those pages." —S.D., Naval aviator

"I'm 2/3 through the next bestseller! Wonderful, touching, and compelling!" —R.S., former Air Force crewmember

"The Fighter Pilot's Wife is a well-preserved window into a simple time of long hand letters and chivalrous relationships. What a treat!" —H.A., wife and mother

"Wow! What a great book. We read it together. Once started, we didn't want to put it down." —H.H., wife of a former Air Force fighter pilot

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